Economic value of biodiversity and ecosystem services

Economic value of biodiversity and ecosystem services research package is hosted by the LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS AND POLITICAL SCIENCE (LSE), United Kingdom and aims at mapping ecosystem services and estimations of the economic value of soil biodiversity through these services by applying relevant economic valuation techniques. In addition, WP9 will develop a modelling framework for the determination of costs and benefits related to the implications of different soil and support management strategies in Europe. These will be used to construct a decision-making support system for determination of economic value at situations of specific changes in ecosystem management (LSE, HMGU,WSR, ABi).

The task for this work package will be allocated between responsible partners as follows:

Genetic screening for enzymes with application in biotech (KU).

  • Soil based biotechnology (HMGU).
  • Economic evaluation of natural resources. Sustainable Development (SD), Global Challenges (GC) and Institutions & Markets (LSE).
  • Modification of biodiversity influencing factors in a study site and consequent soil sampling (WSR).
  • Development, production and distribution of natural microbial products for use in agriculture and gardening (ABi).